Workshop @ Universiteit Antwerpen

On 08/03/2019 we organized an IoT workshop for professors and researchers of the university of Antwerp. The goal of these workshops is to learn using prototyping platforms hands-on. During this course we succeeded to build an IoT enabled smart irrigation system from scratch!

Why is this important? All high-tech products are first implemented using prototyping platforms. Learning “how to prototype” is an essential skill you need to develop products. Certainly for students, the entrepreneurs of the future!

Do you also want to learn how to automate watering your plants, turning on heating, lights or anything else using sensors or the internet? Attend our next session!

Score: 5/5

If you have only a little time available to get a glimpse on what IOT is about, this workshop is a real eye opener. Just learning by doing.

Gregory Van BarelAssistant Professor

Score: 5/5

Now I finally learned how to make a practical application myself. Super cool!

Marc MartensDocent

Score: 5/5

Nice training

Patrick CoolsDocent